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Winmarleigh Hall 2016


by Gracie Clode and Kirsten Lancaster


On Monday 18th April, Y5/6 pupils from Cummersdale School set off for a three day residential to Winmarleigh Hall near Garstang. They left school at 9.45am and arrived there in time for lunch. The children were filled with excitement and anticipation for the adventure which lay ahead.

On arrival, the children were welcomed with big smiles by the staff before going in to the centre to put their luggage in the Gilt Room. The Gilt room had a table tennis table and a table football table. The children then met their group leader, Tom and then went to their rooms to unpack.

Before the first activity, the children were divided into two groups, Beavers 1 and Beavers 2 and were led off for their first activity. Abbie Reay described her first activity, the zip wire as ‘scary but fun’. Kirsten Lancaster thought it was scary, especially when she had to sit on the edge of the tower.

Archery was next. Brody described archery as ‘really exciting as he had never tried archery before’. Jude Miller thought it was fun and felt good about it.

After dinner, the children took part in a game called ‘Ambush’. Lloyd Chicken explained ‘Ambush is a game where you go around placing cones behind you before finding a hiding place. If the other team finds you they shout ‘Ambush’. Sophie Forster stated that it was hard to stay quiet during the game!’

On the second day the first two activities were canoeing and low ropes. Sophie Forster thought that it was hard to keep your balance on the low ropes but it was probably the easiest activity. Joshua Edgar liked canoeing more than low ropes as it was more fun.

The afternoon activities were Jacob’s Ladder and the Giant Swing. Lloyd Chicken described Jacob’s Ladder as ‘scary’ whereas Isabel Ross said ‘I liked it and it was quite easy.’ Brody liked the giant swing although he was a bit scared when he pulled the release cord.

In the evening the event was ‘Capture the Flag’. Liam Morris explained ‘It was different because it wasn’t in the forest and the flags weren’t on poles’.

On the third day, the children took part in the vertical challenge and the trapeze. Nelson Cayne said ‘I enjoyed the trapeze because it was easy and I was the only one who managed to catch the trapeze bar. Others didn’t tend to agree! Shayne Gumbo stated ‘I climbed up to the wheels on the vertical challenge, but then had to get pulled down.’

The group then had lunch before departing.

All in all it was a great success. James Delin’s favourite part of the whole trip was canoeing. Gracie Clode liked the room but the bathroom was a bit too small and Holly Saward liked the breakfast because it was delicious and there was a good variety of food.


Adapted from Newspaper reports about the trip.

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