Harvest - St. James' Cummersdale 2.30pm 12/10/18                 Welcome to Cummersdale Primary School                

Indoor Athletics

A team of 12 children attended the Carlisle Schools Indoor Athletics at the Sands. 

The 2 teams, a team of 6 girls, (Charlotte, Charlotte, Jennifer, Katie, Sophie and Skye) and a team of 6 boys, (Logan, Ryley, Dominic, Aaron, Jack and Hayden) all performed well. Enjoying all their events. 

The children took part in 3/4 events each. These included: Chest pass, Triple jump, Speed bounce, Javelin, Obstacle race, Relays, short run and long run. 

After some competition Cummersdale were placed 3rd (out of 14 schools), in the afternoon and 10th over all (out of 27 schools). 

Well done to all those that took part!!

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