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Spring Term 2017

This half-term we are studying forces, magnetism and electricity, having already looked at friction and kinetic forces. We have looked at the importance of carrying out tests that are identical in order to provide accurate results and reduce errors. In addition we took into account the reasons for repeating tests and taking an average of the results produced. In the coming weeks we will be studying magnetism as well as learning about and designing our own electrical circuits. 

  In literacy we have been reading the Spiderwick Chronicals and identifying the features of fantasy stories. Following on from this the children built their own fairy houses from natural materials and will be writing their own stories about boggarts, fairies, troll and goblins. 

  British Values have been the main focus of our PSHE sessions and we have been applying the fundamentals, for example electing representatives, tolerance of different views and freedom of choice to our classroom environment. 

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