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Ice Trap

Year 5 and 6 have just started looking at the story Ice Trap. The class have had to put themselves in Sir Ernest Shackleton's shoes and write diary entries.

Diary entry by Sir Ernest Shackleton written by James Delin

I'm out on deck, it's freezing cold and steam rises off me like steam coming off ice lollies on a hot day. We have arrived at Antartica. I was observing my surroundings when suddenly I heard a shout. I ran to see what was going on and in an opened box was a stowaway. He was only around 19 years old. I couldn't believe it! I was furious with him. 

"What do you think you are doing on my ship?"

"Trying to join your expedition! What does it look like?"

I have to admit I was impressed by his bravery. 

Now we have an extra member, we need to get to safety soon as the ice is closing in. 

As part of the lessons, the class have been doing some drama. They have worked in groups to portray the scene from the story where they find the stoway. In the photos below you can see the freeze frames from the drama session. 

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