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Space week 2017

Year 5/6 have celebrated International Space Week with various activities and mysterious goings on taking place. 

The week started with the discovery that the school had been visited by a UFO. The class were all given media passes to allow them entry to the classroom. After seeing video footage recorded of the UFO landing and the evidence left behind, the children wrote newspaper articles. 

On Tuesday the class created marshmallow constellations. Research was carried out on various well known constellations and then they had to recreate them using marshmallows! A very tasty display!

The space related activities reached a climax with  a space themed party. The class spent the morning working on maths based activities. Looking at capacity and measures, the class made 3D rocket shortbread, solar system kebabs, planet cake pops and black hole doughnuts. Fun was had by all. 


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