Harvest - St. James' Cummersdale 2.30pm 12/10/18                 Welcome to Cummersdale Primary School                

Order, Order!!!

On Friday 6th October, year 5/6 were invited to Carlisle Magistrates Court. During their time at the courts they were told about the history of the court and judicial system. 

The class took part in a mock trial. The trial was about cyber bullying and harassment. The children were given parts with which to act out. The class were given access to all areas of the courtroom and even locked Mr Jones in the dock! Luckily the Court Chairperson released him!

After the class had acted out the trial, the magistrates went out to decide their verdict, meanwhile the rest of the class discussed the case and they too made their judgement. 

The class were then divided into groups and given various scenario pictures to order and decide what the crime was that had taken place. Everyone worked hard discussing the scenarios and were able to recognise the crimes being committed. 

This was a valuable experience for all the children. 

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