Covid Catch Up

The Government introduced a Covid Catch Up fund during Autumn 2020. Cummersdale School was allocated £2000. 

In order to use the funds effectively we have used the Education Endowment Foundation guidance, looking at 3 main areas: teaching, targeted academic support and wider strategies. The school also supplemented this amount considerably as it was considered a priority and an important aspect of the School Improvement Plan for 2020/21. 

Teaching: A whole school assessment was used as a baseline to underpin whole school teaching as well as using thee results to identify gaps in learning. Progress could then be measured by using further assessments. 

Targeted academic support: Following the assessments, small group interventions were organised for Maths and English. Online resources further support the teaching and learning taking place in school. 

Wider strategies: A whole school approach to home learning and blended learning was developed. Additional devices were purchased to ensure everyone, especially disadvantaged pupils, have access to necessary technology. A new digital platform, G-Suite, was set up. 

Baseline measuring: £475 cost of NFER tests

We assessed all children when we returned to full opening in the autumn term. NFER tests were used and these tests produced a scaled score which could be compared to larger national samples as well as comparing against previous years and across year groups. We were able to compare the results and use these as a a baseline to devise a plan of what was needed to accelerate levels of learning that had been lost during the Government forced closure of schools. 

TA support: £10,000 approx. 

Digital Subscriptions: £500 - Numbots, Epic and Spellshed. 

The school were able to take on an extra teaching assistant in the autumn term and maintain the high number of teaching assistants in school. 

IT devices: £1720 (8 Chromebooks)

Funding was used to increase the number of devices held in school. A mixture of Chromebooks and IPads were purchased. These devices were loaned out to families who were struggling to access online learning at home. These devices will then be used in school to help support the teaching in school. 

Impact on spending

All pupils will be reassessed at the end of the schoolyear using the NFER tests. The progress made over the course of the year can be measured along with a comparison with previous years. At this point, we will be able to judge the effectiveness of the methods used to assist catch up and whether the funding has been used effectively.